Women’s Study Group

Women’s Study Group

What We’re Currently Talking About

Join the Adventure. This is the title of Chapter 20 in our book, We Make the Road by Walking by Bruce McLaren, where we will begin our study. This year-long study will lead us in an encounter of the Bible using the Christian church calendar. You do not need the book or prepare for our study. Come listen, learn and share. We are all walking the road together. If you’ve had trouble accessing our group online, please let us know! We want to include anyone who is interested in joining us, and we know some folks have had some trouble with the Zoom link.

About Us

Variously known as the Tuesday Morning Bible Study Group, the Tuesday Study Group and lately as the WSG this fellowship has been in existence through out many years, many pastors, and many teachers. The one constant has been the depth of fellowship and support our fearless learners share with each other. We study just about everything that calls us into deeper connection to our God and to each other. We meet Tuesday mornings at 10:00am on Zoom. Any woman who is interested, from any faith, is welcome to join us for interesting and challenging conversation.

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Meeting ID: 817 8037 6276

Passcode: Together

For more information about Women’s Study Group, please contact the church office.