Kim Cockroft

Administrative & Communications Manager

Kim Cockroft

Kim Cockroft is RBPC’s Office Administrator and Communications Manager. She is often the first point of contact for those inquiring...

Elders of Rolling Bay Presbyterian

Our church is governed by a session (board) of elected elders to oversee the mission and ministry of the church. Guided by the PCUSA’s Book of Order and Confessions, the session humbly serves the congregation offering leadership, administration, governance, and care.

Moderator of Session: Rev. Karen Renner


Clerk of Session: Alan Westphal


Committee Members:

  • Ron Birum–Finance
  • Ken Cecka–Personnel
  • Cory Dunn–Missions
  • Pam Barr–Worship & Music
  • John Fletcher–Building & Grounds
  • Jan Walk & Nancy Wiggins–Building & Grounds
  • Eleanor Gray–Children, Youth, and Family Ministries
  • Sharon Sheppard–Community & Spiritual Formation
  • Mudge Mair–Personnel
  • Stewardship

Deacons of Rolling Bay Presbyterian

Deacons are elected by the congregation to facilitate the ministry of hospitality and care both within the congregation and to our larger community. As shepherds of the congregation, deacons offer prayer, visitation, and fellowship to those who need it most. They also prepare and facilitate the Lord’s Supper.

Deacon Moderator: Heidi Davis


Committee Members:

  • Vicky Adkins
  • Candice Barr
  • Katie Brown
  • Charlotte Burkard
  • Timi Cecka
  • Jen Saks
  • Beverly Fletcher